21st Century Law Enforcement Leadership Development

In the 21st century law enforcement officers will be recognized as leaders in their communities and expected to be the catalyst where needed and partners when asked. Hence, the need for individual LEOs to study law enforcement leadership is paramount.

We all know that social solutions cannot be achieved by the police alone, there will always be a place for taking immediate offenders into custody to protect them and others. The long range goal of the civil community is developing proactive strategies which overcome civil inadequacies. The most cost effective model is through collaboration, it takes a village to raise a child.

The gap in police training until the advent of the Institute for Credible Leadership Development has been in the avoidance of teaching police officers that they are leaders; this is what I believe we are about. We teach Law Enforcement Officers how to be legitimate leaders within their agencies, communities and personal lives.

The embodiment of a credible leader encompasses trust and legitimacy, allowing those who aspire to be their very best to comprehend it and achieve it. In turn, the benefits to the communities they serve are nothing but positive.

Christopher Hoina, FBINA # 222
Co-Founder LE ICLD

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